SCHEMA Training

Training ST4 DocuManager

Title: Training ST4 DocuManager
When: 05.03.2018, 9:00 - 06.03.2018, 17:00
Where: SCHEMA Consulting GmbH - Nürnberg
Category: DocuManager


Target Audience

The ST4 DocuManager Training Course is intended for customers whose editors and authors will be working with SCHEMA ST4 DocuManager or who would like to learn more about the system.


During the course you will become acquainted with the basic principles of single source publishing. You will also learn how to work with ST4 DocuManager and edit content with MS Word, FrameMaker or XMetaL.
Using various methods you’ll create your first documents and publish them with standard templates in different types of media.
If you already have editing experience and use either MS Word, Adobe Framemaker, or XMetaL on a daily basis, the ST4 DocuManager Training Course is suited for you.

  • Introduction to ST4 DocuManager
  • Basics of modern information logistics and single source publishing
  • Using ST4 DocuManager
  • Editing content with ST4 DocuManager
  • Publishing in various output formats


Our training terms and conditions

Duration 2 Day(s)
number of participants 3 to max. 12 participants
Time 9:00 - 17:00
costs of participation

595€ per day and participant

Venue SCHEMA Consulting GmbH
Street Hugo-Junkers-Str. 15
Zip code 90411
City Nürnberg
Country Deutschland