Introducing our management team

The people behind the management of SCHEMA. Get to know our executive directors and management team here.

Marcus Kesseler

Dipl.-Inf. Univ.

After his studies in programming at the Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, he was employed in the central research and development department at Siemens AG, before becoming assistant professor of artificial intelligence at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg. In 1995 he founded together with Stefan Freisler the SCHEMA GmbH. Marcus Kesseler is now in charge of product development and consulting at SCHEMA. He developed the basic technology for SCHEMA’s systems.

Nobuyoshi Shimada

Nobuyoshi Shimada

Dipl.-Orient. (univ.)

Nobuyoshi Shimada studied Turkology, Islamic Studies and International Politics in Freiburg and Bamberg. Since then he has been employed in various positions in the financial sector and joined SCHEMA in 2004 as commercial manager, thus becoming authorized signatory. Nobuyoshi Shimada was appointed founding managing director of SCHEMA Systems GmbH in 2013 and has been managing director of SCHEMA since May 2019 with Marcus Kesseler. Today he is responsible for Finance, Legal, Human Resources as well as the business units Solutions, After-Sales and Shared Services.

SCHEMA Executive Management Team

Sebastian Göttel

Vice President Sales and Marketing

“In our target markets, selling and consulting is almost the same thing. We want to implement projects successfully, so we sell with this goal in mind.”

Dr. Florian Irmert

Vice President Development

“Our customers work for professional companies continuously pursuing improvement. We have the suitable tools and the experience to support this endeavor efficiently and reliably. It is our aim to delivery quality and to delight our customers.“

Johannes Görz

Vice President Solutions

“Project success is not accidental. 50% is due to systematic processes and structured approach. The other 50% are communication and understanding the customer. We leave nothing to chance.“

Nobuyoshi Shimada

Managing Director

“Success breeds success. Our customers consistently lead the market in their areas. They look for solutions, not products, and put concepts before conditions. Because our customers are successful, we’re successful.”

Marcus Kesseler

Managing Director

“Modern midsized editorial offices can already have millions of text and media modules in their system. Apart from performance and scalability, ergonomics is our main challenge. The excellent design and well thought-out user interface of SCHEMA ST4 makes creating, managing, and producing complex documents simple again.”