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Learn about the standard SCHEMA solutions . Discover ST4 and CDS.

Why make it complex when it can be easy? SCHEMA ST4 is one of the most used XML Component Content Management Systems worldwide for modular work processes in technical documentation.


How can information be distributed to devices intelligently? With Content Delivery. SCHEMA CDS is the intelligent platform for tomorrow’s information distribution.


Provide information about 1 product with 1000 variants in 10 000 documents quickly and easily?

Create 1 document in 10 output formats and 100 languages with only a few clicks?

Your information is needed on the high seas, underground, or even in space?

Industry 4.0: intelligent service information, context-dependent advice, machine-to-machine?



How to find the right CCMS.



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XML Component Content Management System and Content Delivery System for Technical Documentation

SCHEMA ST4 and SCHEMA CDS. The high-end XML Component Content Management System for your technical writers and your technical documentation. A new generation of information management with content delivery for automotive, engineering, manufacturers, electronics, information technology, aviation and space industry, life science industry, and more.


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