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The standardized XML-based software application SCHEMA ST4 is available in different versions to meet different requirements. Since all versions share the same technology, data and customizations work with any of them

  • SCHEMA ST4 is designed for integration into processes and IT landscapes. Without changing the standard software, but simply by adjusting the information model or settings in the configuration SCHEMA ST4 becomes the perfect solution for processes around complex documents.

SCHEMA's standardized modules for specific areas are constantly being improved,  incorporate customer and legal requirements, and utilize current trends in technology.

  • The ST4 DocuManager module covers many requirements in the area of documentation creation. With the help of dialogs, users can define customer-specific settings (layout specifications, data storage, metadata types, etc.) without need for extra programming.
  • On the basis of this module, ST4 Basic Line has been designed for small to mid-sized editing teams, offering a complete solution for everyday needs in the areas of software and technical documentation.

ST4 Basic Line and ST4 DocuManager can be easily extended, as can all of the ST4 solutions. Whether using a customer-specific DTD, integrating a product database, setting up a specific workflow, or integrating extensions, anything is possible.